Tiny Dinosaur



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Credit to Andrew Robie, Michael Furman, and Dave Cash

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Good News


Dalton Spangler for The Offbeat

"Like an alleyway chicken coop between shotgun houses, Tiny Dinosaur created an album that not only fits in perfectly with New Orleans, it stands out too."

Jake Clapp for The Gambit New Orleans

"the three-part harmonies...are a beautiful force on “Songs for the Mass Extinction Event.”

"While folk is an easy descriptor for the new album, it’s also deceptive. Tiny Dinosaur mixes in a number of influences, from New Orleans rhythm and blues to country and punk, with lush effect."

Ian Hall for Liverpool Sound & Vision

"Songs For The Mass Extinction Event is a rare case of joy painted by several people on the same illuminated canvas, and one that is cool, friendly on the senses, and lyrically, as well as musically, creative and enthusiastic; a real cause for celebration by all involved."

Annie Kerr for Music Mecca

"Tiny Dinosaur combines the musical talents of six members into a unique sound that they can only call their own, with hints of James Taylor, Fiona Apple, Cake, and Murder by Death to name a few."

"It’s clear in listening to just a few songs on the new album by Tiny Dinosaur that they are indeed their own band with a unique fantasy folk sound..."

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Songs for the Mass Extinction Event

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Band Members

Josey 03_edited.jpg


Acoustic Guitar/ Vocals

Jenn 01_edited.jpg

Dusky Waters

Banjo/ Melodica/ Bells/ Vocals

Lee 02_edited.jpg


Viola/ Vocals/ Percussion

Conner 02_edited.jpg

Conner McCready

Electric Guitar/ Mandolin

Layla 02_edited.jpg



Dylan 02_edited_edited.jpg


Upright Bass