Tiny Dinosaur



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Credit to Andrew Robie, Michael Furman, and Dave Cash


Band Members



Acoustic Guitar/ Vocals


Dusky Waters

Banjo/ Melodica/ Bells/ Vocals



Viola/ Vocals/ Percussion


Conner McCready

Electric Guitar/ Mandolin






Upright Bass


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Songs for the Mass Extinction Event

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Short Bio

Tiny Dinosaur makes fantasy folk music. Their songs tell stories of witches, love lost and found, and the butter goblin that rearranges your record collection and lives in your fridge. The band loves vocal harmonies, telling stories, and making music for people (and dogs.)


Long Bio

Tiny Dinosaur is a fun-loving fantasy folk band based out of New Orleans that uses their music to tell unique stories in ways that tread familiar ground while also taking listeners in unexpected directions.

The band formed several years ago and has gone through a number of iterations, collecting musicians as they went. Josey (guitar/vocals) began writing his own music after moving to  New Orleans and wanted to help those tunes find their way out into the world. He met Dusky Waters (banjo/vocals) in a dodgeball league (true story), and over time they were joined by Conner McCready (electric guitar), Analiese DeSaw (viola/vocals), Layla Sutton (drums.) and finally the elusive Dylan James (upright bass.) 

Tiny Dinosaur's music is all original compositions that grow and change over time as the band infuses more ideas and personality into them. Common threads in their songs are the use of mesmerizing vocal harmonies and showcasing the versatility of the band's multi-instrumental lineup. The songs themselves often tell deeply personal and intimate stories based on real experiences re-imagined through the eyes of an animal or an alien from outer space.  Their energetic live shows are a journey--one minute leading the audience through an Eastern-European dance number and the next sweetly singing a song about a lost love over fingerpicking guitar melodies. 

Tiny Dinosaur does not fit neatly into any category and they certainly aren't trying to. Steeped in folky upbringings, you can hear threads of James Taylor, Cake, Fiona Apple, and Murder by Death through their music though they are creating something unmistakably original

The band is released their first EP in 2018 and have been playing in and around New Orleans ever since. Recently they performed at the LaHarpe Strings showcase with local favorite Kristen Diable and the City. They are excited for 2022 when they are going to release their first full length album, "Songs for the Mass Extinction Event" and go on tour throughout the Northeast. 


Stage Plot

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